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I am glad you want to know about me. My name is Gail Cassel, but I was born Gail Rasmussen. When I was little, my parents told me my family came from Denmark. I was always curious about my heritage.

Growing up I remember visits from family in Denmark. My maternal grandmother, Esther Pedersen Rosendal, was always especially excited about these visits. I took them for granted and enjoyed the special attention and gifts I received.

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Kirsten Ibsen and her Grandchildren

Kirsten Ibsen and her Grandchildren


I’ve created this website so I can share my genealogy research into my parents families.

There are lots of photos, different documents, letters, pieces of history that help make my ancestors more real. There are a lot of surnames in my family because of patronymic naming in Denmark, but if you think you’re part of the Rasmussen, Rosendal, Bennedsen, Pedersen or Ibsen families, then there is much for you here.

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